"The use of impermeable liners on well pads to contain spills should be a "best practice" used by the entire industry."
Michael Arthur
Co-Director Marcellus Center for Outreach and Research (MCOR)/Geologist Penn State University from Williamsport Sun Gazette 11/18/10
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Secondary Containment

Secondary Containment is a safeguarding method used to prevent unplanned or unwanted releases of toxic or hazardous compounds into uncontrolled work areas or the facilities in addition to the Primary Containment system. Alberts Spray Solutions uses the same geotextile and polyurea liner used in the Primary Containment Solutions, and now offers a means of Secondary Containment by tying that liner in to some type of barrier wall, which helps diminish the environmental risk resulting from leaks or ruptures while extending the life of the containment unit.

Alberts Spray Solutions can custom build Secondary Containment solutions to meet the needs of our customers. We use a variety of different berming materials, such as Steel, Jersey Barriers, ADS Pipe, and the patent pending A.S.S. Polyurethane / Polyurea Railroad Ties, which allow us to engineer and design a solution for whatever the industry may throw at us.

Our Secondary Containment products are designed to last the life of the production or storage locations which helps to reduce the maintenance and replacement costs associated with the traditional HDPE solutions. Furthermore, because of our custom designs and variety of barrier materials, along with our seamless liners, we can create a solution that not only works effectively, but is also attractive to the eye.

Our secondary containment products have a variety of applications. Please contact us to find out if we can help with your project!