"The use of impermeable liners on well pads to contain spills should be a "best practice" used by the entire industry."
Michael Arthur
Co-Director Marcellus Center for Outreach and Research (MCOR)/Geologist Penn State University from Williamsport Sun Gazette 11/18/10
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Primary Containment

Primary Containment is the first level of containment, consisting of the inside portion of a container/vessel, or a liner that comes into immediate contact with the material being contained. Using a spray polyurea coating, and in some instances, a combination of a geotextile fabric interwoven with a spray polyurea coating, Alberts Spray Solutions has been able to successfully install primary containment liners used for exploration and production of natural gas and oil. Alberts Spray Solutions primary containment applications have been successfully used in the Marcellus and Utica Shale Regions and extending in to the Barnett, Permian Basis, Eagle Ford, and Niobrara Regions.

Our recently developed Primary Containment Liners are the Strongest in the Market

  • Environmentally friendly - No VOC's or HAP's
  • More resistant to chemicals than traditional tarp liners.
  • Extremely durable; able to withstand the wear and tear associated with heavy traffic on drilling locations.
  • The liner can also be reused and recycled, which has a large environmental impact because of the reduction of land fill waste.
  • Creates a safer working environment - The liner is seamless, wrinkle free, and is applied with a textured surface

These Primary Containment liners are usually utilized for two primary purposes:

1. Well Pad Liners
2. Tank | Well Head Cellar Liners

Well Pad Liners

Alberts Spray Solutions has been successful installing geotextile and spray polyurea well pad liners as large as 120,000 square feet on drilling locations. Because the liners are durable enough to withstand the traffic associated with those locations, in 90% of our previous installations we have been able to remove and reinstall that same liner on a different location, saving our customers waste and money. Furthermore, in the rare instance that a liner is damaged due to heavy traffic or machinery, the unique polyurea characteristics allow us to apply patches over those areas in a minute amount of time, minimizing the potential of a possible spill or leak.

Tank / Well Head Cellar Liners

Alberts Spray Solutions Refurbished Tanks Alberts Spray Solutions Tank Liners
Alberts Spray Solutions Well Head Cellar Liner Alberts Spray Solutions Well Head Cellar
Leaks and spills from storage tanks are often due to corrosion. Our seamless, durable, and chemical resistant liner prevents corrosion on the interior and exterior of storage tanks and can prolong the useful life of the storage tank by more than 25 years. We can apply our liner on the interior of a new storage vessel, or we can refurbish production tanks in the field, by sand blasting the internal surface, and then applying our polyurea coating which will virtually create a brand new storage tank. The same application can be used with Well Head Cellars, in some cases in combination with our Well Pad Liners, creating one seamless, fully contained surface on a drilling or hydraulic fracturing (fracking) location. These pre-coated cellars can be purchased from A.S.S. directly.
Other key features include:

  • Liner is seamless, extremely durable, and chemical resistant
  • Liner is flexible, reducing the possibility of cracks during transportation and freeze/thaw cycles
  • Prevents and inhibits corrosion, minimizing the risk of a spill and reducing maintenance costs
  • 24 month installation warranty and helps prolong the useful life of a tank for up to 25 years