"The use of impermeable liners on well pads to contain spills should be a "best practice" used by the entire industry."
Michael Arthur
Co-Director Marcellus Center for Outreach and Research (MCOR)/Geologist Penn State University from Williamsport Sun Gazette 11/18/10
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Polyurea Products

Alberts Spray Solutions has developed a variety of superior Polyurea Products that benefit the natural gas and oil industry, water and waste industry and the roofing industry.

Our parent company, Ralph S Alberts Company is a leader in polyurea innovation. The experience and know-how of 40+ years of proven success is now being used to develop the most durable, safe and cost effective products available.

Polyurea is a type of elastomer that is derived from the reaction product of an isocyanate component and a synthetic resin blend component through step-growth polymerization. The finished product displays extraordinary characteristics in regards to strength, durability, impermeability, and flexibility.

The Polyurea Products we offer include Primary Containment and Secondary Containment applications, along with frac ponds liners, tank liners and pipe coatings.


  • Fast curing: can be handled or walked on w/in 30 seconds
  • Adheres to metal, concrete, wood, or fabric (Geotextile)
  • Multiple colors available, along w/ top coats
  • Application at -30F to +300F
  • DEP and NSF Reviewed and Preferred
  • USDA and Agriculture Canada Approved
  • Environmentally Friendly; No HAP's or VOC's
  • Extremely Durable and Chemical Resistant
  • Seamless, Wrinkle Free, and Textured for Traction
  • Recyclable; can be cut into sheets, moved to a new location, and reinstalled for a 1/4th of the cost of the original installation.


  • Natural Gas and Oil Industry
    • Primary and Secondary Containment
    • Frac Ponds
    • Tank Liners
    • Pipe Coatings
  • Water and Waste Water Industry
    • Holding tanks and transport vehicles
  • Roofing Industry
    • Waterproofing and Corrosion Control