Other Services

In addition to our Polyurea Products and Polyurethane Products, Alberts Spray Solutions offers several other services related to the Natural Gas and Construction Industries. One of our goals is to become a one-stop service company with the diversification multiple Industry needs. We are constantly improving our products and developing new products, while delivering the service our customers have come to expect since Ralph S. Alberts Co. began over 40 years ago.


Alberts Spray Solutions, LLC is in the process of constructing a new, state of the art 12,000SF facility in Montoursville, PA adjacent to its Corporate Headquarters. Although the process has been in the works for months now, A.S.S. will now be able to pre-fabricate it's increasingly popular geotextile and spray polyurea containment liner, eliminating the need to completely fabricate things in the field. The process will save time in the field and facilitate with installation during poor weather conditions, which impacts all polyurea applicators. Because the liner will be pre-fabricated in a controlled environment, we can guarantee proper thickness, and ratios, providing our customers with the best products in the field.


Alberts Spray Solutions, LLC now offers a variety of sizes, and colors in regards to containment step-overs. Each step-over is welded instead of assembled giving it more structural integrity. The units are also equipped with a standard mailbox mounting plate, foot mounting brackets to ensure stability, and are powder coated according to our customers' requests. They can be purchased in combination with our whole containment units at a discounted price, or they can be purchased as stand-alone items. Please call for current pricing.

Matrax High-Performance, Light-Weight, Heavy Duty Matting Systems

The founders of Matrax Inc. have teamed with Alberts Spray Solutions to offer rental and sales of a range of conventional and composite mats used in the power transmission, heavy construction and oil and gas industries for both domestic and foreign markets. Our field experience led to the development and manufacturing of stronger, more durable, lighter weight matting products. The cost considerations associated with transport, offloading, loading, installation and removal are critical in today's highly competitive market. Field conditions can vary significantly from site to site. One size does not fit all and a variety of matting types may be needed for a single project.

Matrax mats are primarily used to facilitate vehicle access to areas that contain saturated soils, wetlands or soft/poor subgrade conditions and provide spill containment in environmentally sensitive areas. Matrax polyethylene, foam filled, modular mats, temporary roads, platforms and pedestrian friendly surfaces can be constructed efficiently and cost effectively with minimal impact to environmentally regulated areas and critical work zones. Matrax mats allow vehicular travel or staging operations in areas that might otherwise require significant excavation and grading, dewatering and other traditional road building methods such as the placement of geotextile fabric and stone. Traditional road building methods often require special permitting, are costly, time intensive and require extensive restoration.

Typical Mat Placement Locations include:

  • Work areas in wetlands
  • Beaches
  • Poorly drained regions that contain soft terrain
  • Man-made surfaces in sporting stadiums (natural and artificial)

Outdoor event venue uses for Modular Mats:

  • Golf tournaments
  • Concerts
  • Political functions
  • Commencement ceremonies

Our modular mats are readily deployable and easily handled. They efficiently stabilize work areas to permit vehicular loads, clean work areas and provide minimal surface impact to soils and vegetation. They are easily removed and transported when the project is completed. http://matraxinc.com/

Hot Shot Services

Given the transportation and installation needs associated with our Polyurea and Polyurethane services, we now own a fleet of vehicles and trailers. We can therefore offer Hot Shot services for the transportation of heavy equipment, material, and other products. Our 4WD drive, duel axle trucks, along with our 35ft gooseneck trailers allow us to transport heavy loads to and from most remote locations at a competitive price based on fuel and miles traveled.

Cascade Land Clearing and Frac Pond Construction

  • Well pad deforestation and stump removal
  • Pipeline right-of-way deforestation and stump removal
  • Tree chipping
  • Timber transport
  • Frac Pond land clearing and excavation