"The use of impermeable liners on well pads to contain spills should be a "best practice" used by the entire industry."
Michael Arthur
Co-Director Marcellus Center for Outreach and Research (MCOR)/Geologist Penn State University from Williamsport Sun Gazette 11/18/10
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Environmental Benefits

Alberts Spray Solutions is committed to minimizing the impact of natural gas exploration and production on our local environment. As a Williamsport native corporation comprised largely of employees who love our land and are committed to protecting it, developing products and supplying services that can assist the industry in this regard is our top priority.

Through sitting on local committees and boards, along with the networking that took place within the gas industry, Founder and CEO of Alberts Spray Solutions, Seth Alberts, discovered that there was a need for a more durable, reusable, and environmentally friendly containment liner. From years of experience with polyurea coatings, and polyurethane foams, we developed a geotextile and spray polyurea liner that proved to be superior to the traditional HDPE tarp liners that were being used throughout the industry.

Environmental Benefits of Alberts Spray Solutions Products

  • Our polyurea liners contain no hazardous air pollutants or volatile organic compounds.
  • Reusable and Recyclable - Alberts Spray Solutions is the first company to successfully relocate both primary and secondary containment liners.
  • Containment products have been reviewed and are preferred by the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection, and the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Recreation.
  • Resistant to most chemicals including Hydrochloric Acid

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