"The use of impermeable liners on well pads to contain spills should be a "best practice" used by the entire industry."
Michael Arthur
Co-Director Marcellus Center for Outreach and Research (MCOR)/Geologist Penn State University from Williamsport Sun Gazette 11/18/10
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Description: A 200 X 250' geotextile and spray polyurea well pad liner with 162 of our steel frame / timber 8X40' RigMats. The mats can then be removed and the same polyurea liner can be used for the fracing process, as the drilling. Because of the durability associated with the polyurea well pad liner, after the frac, the liner can then be cut up, cleaned, removed, and relocated with the RigMats as a package to the next location and reinstalled for 1/4th the original price.