Our History

Alberts Spray Solutions was spun off of its parent company, Ralph S Alberts Company in 2011 to provide the natural gas and oil industry in the Marcellus shale region of Pennsylvania, New York and West Virginia superior Polyurea and Polyurethane Products. It has now opened a second location in Guernsey County, Ohio to service the Utica Shale Region. Though Alberts Spray Solutions is relatively new, Ralph S Alberts Company has been in business since 1963 and is recognized as an innovator in the field of injection molding, foam molding, hand casting, liquid resin casting, rigid/high-density flexible foam molding, roto casting & thermal plastic rubber casting.

The expertise derived from 40+ years of product innovation, development and deployment is used in the products offered by Alberts Spray Solutions. The same state-of-the-art techniques, materials and equipment that kept Ralph S Alberts Company a leader in its field is The same state-of-the-art techniques, materials and equipment that kept Ralph S Alberts Company a leader in the field are the same principles that drive Alberts Spray Solutions. They are:

  • Commitment to delivering a superior product
  • Commitment to develop new and innovative products
  • Commitment to our community
  • Commitment to delivering outstanding customer service

How it started

Ralph S Alberts Company and Alberts Spray Solutions places a high value on community leadership (to read more about our community efforts click here) especially in the business community. While sitting on committees including the Williamsport Chamber Of Commerce, IMC and the Business Energy Round Table (a committee of local business leaders and members of the North Central Natural Gas Industry that was established to connect the natural gas industry to local businesses), Ralph S Alberts Company Vice President, Seth Alberts listened to members of the gas industry about a variety of issues. It was discovered during one of those meetings that there was a need for gas pipeline inspection gauges (PIGS). Soon after collecting specifications and designing prototypes, Ralph S Alberts Company quickly started manufacturing PIGS of various dimensions.

Having successfully produced and deployed the pipeline inspection gauges and making several site visits, it became clear that there was much more that Ralph S Alberts Company could do to assist the natural gas industry in the Marcellus Shale Region of Pennsylvania, Ohio and West Virginia. Having over 40 years of experience with spray foams and spray polyureas Ralph S Alberts Company made some manufacturing modifications, including making the equipment portable, and was able to produce a number of products that are critical for the exploration, extraction, storage and transport of natural gas, which eventually led to the creation of a new subsidiary - Alberts Spray Solutions, LLC. In just a short time period, A.S.S. has become the leading producer of Polyurea Primary and Secondary Containment Liners within the Marcellus Shale Region of PA and NY. Because it's amazing success in the Marcellus Shale region, Alberts Spray Solution has expanded to the Utica Shale Region.

The recently developed process for making environmentally friendly, more durable containment liners to help with spill prevention has proven to be more resistant to chemicals than traditional tarp liners, along with being able to withstand the wear and tear associated with heavy traffic on drilling locations. The liner can also be reused and recycled, which has a large environmental impact in regards to waste management. The materials used for well pad liners have no hazardous air pollutants or volatile organic compounds. The Williamsport Sun-Gazette wrote a feature article about the success of Ralph S Alberts Company has had by adapting its business to the needs of the oil and gas industry. Read the story here. Ralph S Alberts Company is dedicated to helping the natural oil and gas industry find economical and dependable solutions to their efforts in the region. The Williamsport Sun-Gazette wrote a feature article about how Ralph S Alberts Company innovation has benefited the natural oil and gas industry Marcellus Shale Region. To read it click here.